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Death's Hand
Karui Sceptre
One Handed Mace
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: (80.4-93.6)(162-213.6)
Critical Strike Chance: (7.50%-9.00%)
Attacks per Second: 1.50
Weapon Range: 9
Requires Level 56, 96 Str, 96 Int26% increased Elemental DamageAdds (30-41) to (80-123) Physical Damage
(25-50)% increased Critical Strike Chance
30% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Stun
Gain Unholy Might for 2 seconds on Critical Strike
"All are welcome in Hinekora's eternal home."
- Karui Proverb
Purchase Costs
Unique5x Chaos Orb
Sell Price
8x Alchemy Shard
8x Alteration Shard
Weapon DPS
Physical: (181.8-230.4)

Phys+Chaos: (181.8-230.4)

Total: (181.8-230.4)
Item class: Sceptres

Comes with random value of attributes.
Delivery time: within 6H

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