Buy Cartographer's Chisel

Cartographer's ChiselStack Size: 20Improves the quality of a mapRight click this item then left click a map to apply it. Has greater effect on lower rarity maps. The maximum quality is 20%.
Shift click to unstack.

Buy cheap Cartographer's Chisel for your Path of Exile character.

Cartographers Chisel improves the quality of a map.

Cartographer's Chisels are an uncommon item that can found starting at item level 50. Zana, Master Cartographer will also sell 20 Cartographer's Chisels in exchange for 12 Chaos Orbs once daily.

Cartographer's Chisels may also be found in Artisan's Strongboxes.
One can sell any map with 20% quality to any vendor for a softcore Cartographer's Chisel.
One can sell any number of maps whose total quality is at least 40% to any vendor for a Cartographer's Chisel.

Be sure to select Sanctum if you are playing in Sanctum with your character.

Time to deliver: 0-1 Hour