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Path of Exile Marauder Build help

04 May, 2019 | SoE updates

Since our official launch you can enjoy our dedicated 24/7 technical help related to PoE builds on live chat or email. 

Today we are going to introduce The Marauder. 


If you are a strength type of person and looking to build a character with physical damage, this will be the suitable class, usually called the Melee Brute!

You can decide of the below three build type:


The Juggernaut is one of the hardest class in Path of Exile. The extreme damage mitigation allows Juggernaut to stay offensive in the most lethal situations.


The Chieftain should be picked if you are looking for fire spell attacks or placing totems.


The Berserker is geared towards being in the heat of combat, with many of their skills requiring killing or being hit recently. These bonuses include damage, life leech, and warcry enhancements. They also have access to Rage. The more Rage built up, the more damage and speed bonuses they gain, but also the more damage over time they take. This class aims for attack-oriented character builds.

It's minor passives are based on Psyhical Attack Damage with Attack speed, life leeched per second and warcry duration.


You can find our premade Marauder builds here:

If you are looking for a different or specific build, which you cannot find, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you.


In any other cases you can find all user-created builds scraped from PoE forums here:


We also offer character improvement services if you would be unsure about your character's setup below:


If you are not in need of Marauder builds or gears, you can even order plain Path of Exile leveling service from 1 to 100 with various options, leagues, and so on.