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Should I play Path of Exile 2019?

20 May, 2019 | Path of Exile news

Does it worth to play Path of Exile in 2019? Scroll down to get some info.




It's an easy yes, if you are like us, and liked Diablo and dark hack & slash feeling online games. In that case, you will love it. The whole concept has been redesigned, it offers a great and complex skill tree, new acts, very nice end game system, the mapping mechanism.


And its free! So you get a pretty good value, arent't ya:)


Every class has its own base abilities + their custom stats, which you will need to focus while proceeding through the storyline. This is really good, and require time learning how these stats affect the other, and to gear well.




There is a system called Gem system, where instead of static skills, you can use any skill gems in your gear to have the neccesary skill abilities on your character. Limitations are endless. You are not limited by your class, but your stat requirements.


Other huge advantage for Path of Exile, is it's enourmous passive skill tree. This could be a bit tough for the first view, however after spending a couple hours examining the tree, you will have a better understanding how it works.




Ingame currencies are the economical center. These currencies are widely used to trade items between other players, which play a huge part, saving you a lot of time gearing yourself. 


Game contains a ladder system, a temporary and a 'semi-permanent'. There will some sort of competition and a reset in the economy. These leagues are usually reset every couple of month lasting 3 months. 


You will find its story line through 10 acts, which can be played within 20-25 hours, which is followed by the end game part.


This is the point, where the mapping come to play. You meet Zena, who will introduce The Atlas of Worlds with 157 unique maps harder and even harder as you get closer to the center.

(Higher tier mobs, etc)


Other unique i did not mention is The Lord's Labyrinth. It's unlike anything I have ever saw in an ARPG before. The Labyrinth sees players navigating a maze concocted by the previous Emperor, in order to decide who will ascend to the throne, as he died with no heirs. In it, player’s must fight monsters while simultaneously avoiding deadly traps.


Hope you liked this short introduction about if it worth to play:)


There is a standalone and steam variant for PC, however you will also find Xbox and PS4 release.