Buy Normal Labyrinth (Level 33+)

    PC version
We will complete the normal labyrinth on your character.

The first Labyrinth requires six trials: one in Act 1, two in Act 2, and three in Act 3. While the layout changes every day, some things are constant. The first room is always a Forgotten Reliquary and there is only one path through it to the first Izaro fight. The second room can lead directly to Izaro, but there is an optional room too. The path to the final fight always has two rooms.

The final fight takes place with no traps and there is a limited number of mechanics.
Completing the Labyrinth gives a choice of Ascendancy Class, 2 Ascendancy Points, and the chance to add an implicit modifier to a pair of gloves.

Minimum level needed: 33

Time to deliver: within 10 hours