Buy Coaching

-Tired of checking every guide online, but's you have some question nowhere to be found?

-Do you feel that you can be better, but don't know how?

-Getting instakilled in a high tier map and you dont know the cause?

SoE team is here to help you out! Try our coaching service!

Our team with 5+ years of Path of Exile experience, will talk with you over voice-chat (if you ask), check your build, items, team up with you on maps, checking your movement and mechanics you use, and set up a personalized learning experience for you, to wreak havoc with your PoE character!

Price is for 30 minutes of coaching.

Our packages offers the following:

    • Answering all beginner questions
    • Teaching PoE basics
    • Useful tips

      • Everything in basic package
      • Teaching skill tree
      • Explaining more complex interactions
      • Mapping and early endgame

        • Everything in advanced package
        • Detailed atlas strategies
        • Endgame farming

          After your order, our support will contact you in e-mail and ask for the required information.