Buy Stash cleaning

-You stash is full of stuff but you don't know which is good and which isn't?

-currencies scattered around your stash in different tabs?

-Cool looking uniques but you don't know the prices?

Try our new service, the Stash cleaning!

Our professional team will take an indepth look at your stash, and will check through all your items about their value and we will clean all your junk, also offer you a price for the valuable items, either in-game currency or even site balance $!

We have a 5 year experience in Path of Exile, we know the value of everything!

After your order, our support will contact you in e-mail and ask for the required information.

When we will be done with your order you will get a detailed summary about what we found in your stash which is valuable,you can either keep them or accept our price for it.