Buy Cruel Labyrinth (Level 55+)

    PC version
We will complete the cruel labyrinth on your Path of Exile character.

The second Labyrinth requires three trials, one in Act 6 and two in Act 7, a minimum level of 40, as well as the completion of the first Labyrinth.
Like the first Labyrinth, the first room is a Forgotten Reliquary and provides a straight shot to Izaro. The next two fights require two rooms each.
Labyrinth traps appear with the final fight, with more and stronger mechanics than the first Labyrinth.

Completing the Cruel Labyrinth gives 2 Ascendancy Points and the chance to add an implicit modifier to gloves or boots. The modifier to gloves has higher values than those in the first Labyrinth.

Minimum level needed: 55

Time to deliver: within 12 hours