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This is just a simple Path Of Exile currency and item shop, where you can buy any amount of currencies and items ingame with instant delivery, lifetime warranty, and money-back guarantee.

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Enjoy our 24/7 friendly live help and the ease of use order-form and order-tracker at our website!

After placing your order, we will invite you to party within no time, and trade your ingame goods.

We have a very huge stock of Path of Exile ingame currencies and items including softcore, hardcore, or league (incrusion sc, and incursion hc).

Buying path of exile exalted orbs was never this easy as by using Shop of Exile services. Get into the right league section, head to exalteds, set your quantity, then checkout. You will receive the exalteds within couple minutes time depending on the payment gateway speed and availability.
- Incursion currencies and uniques -
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Why are we better than anyone else in the market? 

We care about your privacy. Most of the ongoing shops are asking you to verify your identity, provide every personal details, and even use it for 3rd parties. 

To make a purchase with us, you are not forced to enter any personal details, except an email address for communication purposes.

If you would like to remain 100% anonym, the best you can do, is to register a postbox at hushmail, protonmail or any other similar email service provider and use Bitcoin for your payments to remain absolutely hidden.

It's not neccesary, but if you don't want to disclose any of your personal details or email address, this is your best bet.

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The other reason, why you should choose our shop instead of any of our competitors, is the price. 

We aim to offer the best price-value combination including our special lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. (If you would not receive your goods in the estimated delivery timeframe).

Shop of exile agents will automatically refund you within max 24 hours in case of any issues, but you are free to contact us at live chat and discuss any problems or questions before making a decision.

Our main goal is to extend our selection to all possible items on every realm, and to increase delivery timeframe to as low as possible.

Shop of exile players, suppliers are trading and farming 8-10 hours every day, so you can expect that we have a huge stock in currencies.