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Rank Order Total Bonus
Armored Exile$251x 5% coupon for a single order
Brutal Exile $751x 5% coupon for a single order+$5 site balance
Warrior Exile$160$10 site balance
Commander Exile$25010% coupon for a single order+$10 site balance
Exile Captain$5501x 10% coupon+$10 site balance+2% lifetime coupon
Leader Exile$9001x 10% coupon+$25 site balance+4% lifetime coupon
King of Exiles$19001x 15% coupon+$40 site balance+6% lifetime coupon
SoE Supreme Bronze $38001x 25% coupon+$150 site balance+8% lifetime coupon
SoE Supreme Silver$75001x 30%+coupon+$250 site balance+10% lifetime coupon
SoE Supreme Gold$135001x 30%+coupon+$500 site balance+15% lifetime coupon