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Amethyst Flask

Atziri's Promise
Amethyst Flask
Utility Flasks
Lasts 6.5 Second
Consumes 35 of 65 Charge on use
Currently has 65 Charge
+35% to Chaos Resistance
Requires Level 68
Gain (5–8)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect
2% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life during Flask effect
Gain (5–8)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)
"Death needs not your understanding. It needs only your loyalty."
- Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.
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Atziri's Promise is an item in Path of Exile.

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