Boneshatter Slayer

Get this awesome Path of exile premade build for Slayer. It comes fully leveled, fully geared and fine-tuned, so you only have to play and enjoy! Getting a PoE character were never been so easy and fast!

Jump around smashing Boneshatter into juicy enemy packs dealing explosions of Physical Damage. Release a damaging pulse when you Stun enemies, destroying packs as soon as you start mapping. Hitting an enemy gives you Trauma Stacks. Each stack gives x% more Damage per Trauma, but also deals Physical Damage to you per Trauma Stack. Slayer Leech keeps your Life topped off, allowing you to mostly ignore the Trauma Damage.

Our premade ready-to-go characters offer the following:

  • Leveled to lvl 80
  • Fully geared (best rolls for the build)
  • All gems 20% quality
  • All required labs done
  • Complete leveling tree made
  • Comes with a short instruction about the playstyle


Diamond gear option:

  • Top gear available for the character (flasks, jewels, other items)
  • Best possible rolls on gear
  • Custom crafted weapon and armor (If applicable)
  • Character can do all game content (Dependent on skill level)


After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account, make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions. For more please read our FAQ first.