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Savant's Robe

Cloak of Tawm'r Isley
Savant's Robe
Body Armours
Energy Shield: 115–132
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 56, 152 Int
Socketed Minion Gems are Supported by Level 16 Life Leech
(150–200)% increased Energy Shield
Minions cannot be Blinded
Minions have 15% chance to Blind Enemies on hit
Found Magic Items drop Identified
(Being Blinded causes 20% less Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating, for 4 seconds)
Renowned by those distinguished,
Exalted by the few.
He skulks in darkness,
and watches from beneath the city.
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Cloak of Tawm'r Isley is an item in Path of Exile.

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