Crystallised Omniscience

Crystallised Omniscience is a great Path of Exile amulet, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep Crystallised Omniscience poe item in stock.

Crystallised Omniscience
Onyx Amulet
Quality: 20%
Requires Level 61
(10–16) to all Attributes
Modifiers to Attributes instead apply to Omniscience
1% to all Elemental Resistances per 15 Omniscience
Attribute Requirements can be satisfied by (15–25)% of Omniscience
Penetrate 1% Elemental Resistances per 15 Omniscience
That winter, scorched refugees emerged from the shrine,
speaking only in strange tongues. They prayed to a new
symbol of power, not out of love, but out of fear.
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