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Full Dragonscale

Daresso's Defiance
Full Dragonscale
Body Armours
Armour: 470–541
Evasion Rating: 373–429
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 63, 115 Str, 94 Dex
(180–220)% increased Armour and Evasion
+(60–90) to maximum Life
(0.4–0.6)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
You lose all Endurance Charges when Hit
You gain an Endurance Charge on Kill
You gain Onslaught for 5 seconds per Endurance Charge when Hit
(60–100)% increased Onslaught Effect
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)
(Onslaught grants 20% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed)
"When your back is against the wall,
And your opponent is bleeding you dry,
There is only one appropriate response:
Unbridled, overwhelming violence."
- Daresso, the Sword King
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Daresso's Defiance is an item in Path of Exile.

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