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Spell, AoE, Duration, Fire, Curse, Hex
Level: 1–20
Cost: 24–50 Mana
Cast Time: 0.50 sec
Requires Level 24
Curses all targets in an area, lowering their fire resistance and giving them a chance to be ignited when hit.
Base duration is (9–10.9) seconds
Curse gains 10 Doom per second if you Cast this Spell yourself
+(0–10) to radius
Cursed enemies have (-44–-25)% to Fire Resistance
Hits against Cursed Enemies have +25% chance to Ignite

Additional Effects From Quality:
Ignite on Cursed enemies has (0–10)% increased Duration
Delivery time: within 1 hour.

Flammability is an item in Path of Exile.

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