Kaom's Spirit

Kaom's Spirit is a great Path of Exile glove, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep Kaom's Spirit poe item in stock. Perfect link and custom colorings are available.

Kaom's Spirit
Titan Gauntlets
Quality: +20%
Armour: (290.4-333.6)
Requires Level 69, 98 Str
+(50–70) to maximum Life
+(20–30)% to Fire Resistance
(0.3–0.5)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
Life Recovery from Regeneration is not applied
Regenerate 1 Rage per second for every 100 Life Recovery per second from Regeneration
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)
(Inherent effects from having Rage are:
1% increased Attack Damage per 1 Rage
1% increased Attack Speed per 2 Rage
1% increased Movement Speed per 5 Rage)
Who can tell when whispers are truly from a god?
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