Loyalty Tattoo of Kahuturoa

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Summon Spirit of Kahuturoa
Level: 1–2
Cooldown Time: 80.00 sec
Summons an immortal chieftain minion of the Rongokurai tribe to fight alongside you for a duration. This minion grants you a buff which lets a percentage of your armour protect against all damage types. Shares a Cooldown with other Spirit Chieftain Skills.
Base duration is (0.01–12) seconds
Buff causes (10–20)% of Armour to apply to Non-Physical Damage taken from Hits
(20–85)% increased Buff Effect per Allocated Rongokurai Tattoo
This Skill's Cooldown does not recover during its effect
Trigger this Skill when you take a Critical Strike from a Unique Enemy
Minions' Level is equal to yours, up to a maximum of (85–12000)
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