Mageblood is a great Path of Exile belt, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep Mageblood poe item in stock.

Heavy Belt
Quality: 20%
Requires Level 44
(25–35) to Strength
(30–50) to Dexterity
(15–25)% to Fire Resistance
(15–25)% to Cold Resistance
Magic Utility Flasks cannot be Used
Leftmost (2–4) Magic Utility Flasks constantly apply their Flask Effects to you
Magic Utility Flask Effects cannot be removed
Rivers of power course through your veins.
How to get Mageblood?

Mageblood isn't an area specific item, it can be dropped anywhere. There are obvious modifiers to help acquire it through mapping with a Magic Finder gear setup. Also Mageblood can be chanced, meaning that you can take a normal heavy belt and use Orb of Chance on it, praying for a MB!

Another way to get it is through the Divination Card called, The Apothecary. Combining these cards will grant you the belt.

The fastest method to get a Mageblood is through Shop of Exile: Put in cart, checkout, get it in 5-10 minutes, easy as that!

Why is Mageblood so good?

Magic Utility Flasks constantly apply their Flask Effects to you: Meaning, Mageblood causes the effect of Magic Utility Flasks to continually apply to your character, including suffixes that provide effects during Flask Effect. Also this doesn't count as using a Flask, so effects that proc on Flask Use do not apply (like Sulphur Flask creating Consecrated Ground). Because it does not consume charges, using Flasks with the Alchemist's prefix and up to 70% increased effect from Enchantments using the Enkindling Orb greatly improves the effects without the downside; indeed, these two modifiers are a significant part of the power that Mageblood can provide!

Almost a meta component for high-end builds: As you continue you journey towards the end-game, most of the build capable of clearing the content, will use Mageblood. The item is insanely strong with the correct setup and will offer a fun gameplay.

Any tips about Mageblood?

Setup your flasks properly. To maximize the benefits of the Mageblood belt, you need to have a solid flask setup with maximized modifiers on them.

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