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Iron Mask

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Malachai's Simula
Iron Mask
Evasion Rating: 48–60
Energy Shield: 11–14
Requires Level 17, 21 Dex, 21 Int
+20 to Strength
(15–30)% increased Spell Damage
(20–30)% increased Lightning Damage
+10% to Lightning Resistance
Blood Magic
Mortal Conviction
(Removes all mana. Skills Cost Life instead of Mana. Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana. Spend Life instead of Mana for effects of Skills)
(You can only have one Permanent Non-Banner Aura on you from your Skills. Your Non-Banner Skills that create Permanent Auras on you do not Reserve Life.)
It was a sliver of Malachai's soul
that animated the first Eternal Guardian.
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Malachai's Simula is an item in Path of Exile.

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