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Compound Spiked Shield

Maligaro's Lens
Compound Spiked Shield
Chance to Block: 25
Evasion Rating: 122–144
Energy Shield: 25–30
Movement Speed: -3%
Requires Level 45, 59 Dex, 59 Int
+3% chance to Suppress Spell Damage
(10–15)% increased Attack Speed
(10–20)% increased maximum Life
-50% to all Elemental Resistances
10% increased Area of Effect
Nearby allies Recover 1% of your Maximum Life when you Die
"Look around you. What do you see?
Corruption, perversion, sin?
No. It is progress.
You simply lack the means to see it."
- Inquisitor Maligaro
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Maligaro's Lens is an item in Path of Exile.

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