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Magistrate Crown

Mask of the Stitched Demon
Magistrate Crown
Armour: 160–189
Energy Shield: 33–39
Requires Level 58, 64 Str, 64 Int
+(40–50) to Intelligence
+(160–180) to maximum Energy Shield
Strength provides no bonus to Maximum Life
Intelligence provides no inherent bonus to Maximum Mana
+1 to Maximum Life per 2 Intelligence
Cannot gain Energy Shield
Regenerate 1% of Life per second per 500 Maximum Energy Shield
Your Energy Shield starts at zero
From the flesh of the gods, Xibaqua was born.
From the carnage of Xibaqua, we were born.
It is our duty to return to the gods what was once theirs.
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Mask of the Stitched Demon is an item in Path of Exile.

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