Mon'tregul's Grasp

Mon'tregul's Grasp is a great Path of Exile mace, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep Mon'tregul's Grasp poe item in stock. Perfect link and custom colorings are available.

Mon'tregul's Grasp
Void Sceptre
One Hand Mace
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: 60 to 91.2
Critical Strike Chance: 6.2%
Attacks per Second: 1.25
Weapon Range: 11
Requires Level 68, 104 Str, 122 Int
40% increased Elemental Damage
Raised Zombies have +5000 to maximum Life
Raised Zombies have +(25–30)% to all Resistances
50% reduced maximum number of Raised Zombies
25% increased Raised Zombie Size
Enemies Killed by Zombies' Hits Explode, dealing 50% of their Life as Fire Damage
Raised Zombies deal (100–125)% more Physical Damage
With death as my ally, all the world is within my grasp.
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