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Vanguard Belt
Quality: +20%
Requires Level 78
+(260–320) to Armour and Evasion Rating
(4–8)% increased maximum Life
+(20–40)% to Cold Resistance
1% increased Attack Damage per 200 of the lowest of Armour and Evasion Rating
Melee Hits which Stun Fortify
You have Onslaught while Fortified
(Fortifying grants an amount of Fortification based on the Damage of the Hit)
(Take 1% less Damage from Hits per Fortification. Maximum 20 Fortification. Fortification lasts 6 seconds)
(Onslaught grants 20% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed)
"Some blows must be evaded. Some blows must be endured.
The trick is to tell them apart."
- Daresso, the Sword King
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