PoE Leveling

Buy Path of Exile leveling up to 100 with guaranteed satisfaction. Every PoE items and currencies found will be kept on your account.

Leveling in PoE can be boring if you start your umpteen character and can take a lot of time, especially if you finished Act 10 and you're getting ready to blaze through the Atlas. With our leveling service we will save you a lot of time! Simply let our professional PoE boosters to do the hard work for you. Along with the leveling, the items and currencies we we will find, will stay in your account! After the purchase, we will reach you through e-mail, to ask your credentials and we will start the leveling in 1-2 hours average.

What we offer

  • Ordering this service, we will level up your character in PoE to the desired level
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Every item and currency found throughout the process, will stay on your account.
  • We won't communicate ingame, you will remain as private as possible
  • If you need gearing for your character, please choose a character improvement along or after this service!
  • If you already have a specific build in mind, please choose one of our premade guild or make your own build, which will come with leveling and gearing included!

Basic requirements

  • Account sharing for this service is required.
After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account, make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions. For more please read our FAQ first.
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