Rashkaldor's Patience

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Rashkaldor's Patience
Jade Amulet
Quality: +20%
Requires Level 61
+(20–30) to Dexterity
+(40–80) to maximum Life
+(20–40) to maximum Mana
20% reduced Duration of Elemental Ailments on Enemies
Items and Gems have 10% increased Attribute Requirements
Always Freeze, Shock and Ignite
(Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
(Freeze lowers Enemy Action Speed to zero, preventing them from acting. Duration is based on the Cold Damage of the Hit)
(Shock increases Damage taken by up to 50%, depending on the amount of Lightning Damage in the hit, for 2 seconds)
(Ignite deals Fire Damage over time, based on the base Fire Damage of the Skill, for 4 seconds)
(Elemental Ailments are Ignited, Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
Fate's smile, man's ruin.
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