Replica Innsbury Edge

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Replica Innsbury Edge
Elder Sword
One Hand Sword
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: (79-94) to (145-172)
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Attacks per Second: 1.3
Weapon Range: 11
Requires Level 47, 81 Str, 81 Dex
+330 to Accuracy Rating
(100–140)% increased Physical Damage
0.2% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life
50% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
10% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Chaos Damage
Inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit with this Weapon
unique insanity do weird things [1]
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)
(Withered applies 6% increased Chaos Damage Taken, and can be inflicted up to 15 times)
"The night-gaunts, they fly, soaring about in darkness beyond the ken of mankind.
I hear the silent whispers of their wings as they descend, for me, for me..."
- Researcher Arn
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