Rigwald's Curse

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Rigwald's Curse
Wereclaw Talisman
Quality: +20%
Talisman Tier: 2
Requires Level 28
+(24–36)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
local stat monsters pick up item [1]
+7% to Unarmed Melee Attack Critical Strike Chance
Modifiers to Claw Damage also apply to Unarmed Attack Damage with Melee Skills
Modifiers to Claw Attack Speed also apply to Unarmed Attack Speed with Melee Skills
Modifiers to Claw Critical Strike Chance also apply to Unarmed Critical Strike Chance with Melee Skills
(Unarmed Attacks are any Attacks performed with a hand that is not holding any Item)
I once thought the First Ones were just
stories made to scare children.
But I've seen what they can do. I've felt it.
And now I must live with that terrible knowledge.
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