Buy Rigwald's Savagery
Buy Rigwald's Savagery

Buy Rigwald's Savagery

Royal Axe
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Rigwald's Savagery
Royal Axe
One Handed Axe
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: (124.8-148.8)(282-318)
Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%
Attacks per Second: (1.32-1.38)
Weapon Range: 9
Requires Level 67, 167 Str, 57 DexAdds (50-70) to (135-165) Physical Damage
40% increased Physical Weapon Damage while Dual Wielding
(10-15)% increased Attack Speed
35% increased Attack Speed with Swords
25% chance to cause Bleeding on Hit
Tear the flesh from the bone.
Turn the bone to dust.
Scatter the dust to the wind.
Comes with random value of attributes.
Delivery time: within 6H

Rigwald's Savagery Royal Axe is a great unique item in Path of Exile.
You can buy this with random properties and stats.

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