Buy Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer

Our premade ready-to-go characters offer the following:

-Leveled to lvl 80+

-Fully geared (best rolls for the build)

-Fully gemmed (20% quality)

-All required labs done

-Complete leveling tree made

-Comes with a short instruction about the playstyle

Additional option:

Uber endgame gear:
  • Top gear available for the character (flasks, jewels, other items)
  • Best possible rolls on gear
  • Custom crafted weapon and armor (If applicable)
  • Character can do all game content (Dependent on skill level)

This old school goodie build uses Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) without Minion Instability to
make our minions deal the damage output consistently and more reliably.
With extensive arsenal of utility options this build works very well as a
league starter and can handle end-game content without requiring heavy investments.