The Bosskiller

If you are looking to crash through the bosses, then we've made you an excellent pack for this occasion! Enjoy, The Bosskiller! Every fragment is included in this pack, you just have to put them into your map device and we wish you good luck on your bosskills!

The Apex of Sacrifice (Atziri)

Sacrifice at Dawn
Sacrifice at Dusk
Sacrifice at Midnight
Sacrifice at Noon

The Alluring Abyss (Uber Atziri)
Mortal Grief
Mortal Hope
Mortal Ignorance
Mortal Rage

Key to the Crucible (Shaper)
Fragment of the Chimera
Fragment of the Hydra
Fragment of the Minotaur
Fragment of the Phoenix

Key to Decay(Elder)
Fragment of Constriction
Fragment of Enslavement
Fragment of Eradication
Fragment of Purification

Maddening Object (Uber Elder)
Fragment of Knowledge
Fragment of Shape
Fragment of Emptiness
Fragment of Terror

Crest of the Elderslayers (Sirus)
Al-Hezmin's Crest
Baran's Crest
Drox's Crest
Veritania's Crest

The Maven's Writ (Maven)
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