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Elegant Sword

The Goddess Scorned
Elegant Sword
One Hand Swords
Physical Damage: 20-33
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Attacks per Second: 1.5
Weapon Range: 11
Requires Level 28, 46 Str, 55 Dex
+190 to Accuracy Rating
Uses both hand slots
(250–300)% increased Physical Damage
(90–110)% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(20–30)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+(40–50)% to Fire Resistance
Cannot be Ignited
100% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage
Ignites you inflict deal Damage 50% faster
You can only deal Damage with this Weapon or Ignite
(They will deal the same total damage over a shorter duration)
Her purpose seems done; the oath is fulfilled.
Rust dulls her smirk with the last demon killed.
The embers grow dim and yet hope burns her lips:
"An old flame renewed can define our eclipse!"
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The Goddess Scorned is an item in Path of Exile.

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