The Second Sacrament

The Second Sacrament is a great Path of Exile unique relic, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues, including the latest Ancestor. We keep The Second Sacrament poe item in stock.

The Second Sacrament
Candlestick Relic
Requires Level 64
The Herald of the Scourge deals 100% more Damage
The Herald of the Scourge takes 75% less Damage
The Herald of the Scourge drops the Winds of Fate
Cannot be used with Forbidden Tomes below level 83
This item is destroyed when applied to a Sanctum
"He took many of his people's traditions and gilded them, hollowed them. They rejected his new religion, and he and his followers were forced to depart the mountains for lands unknown." - Lycia, the Heretic
Place this item on the Relic Altar at the start of each Sanctum run
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