The Supreme Truth

The Supreme Truth is a great Path of Exile mace, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep The Supreme Truth poe item in stock. Perfect link and custom colorings are available.

The Supreme Truth
Crystal Sceptre
One Hand Mace
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: (70-77) to (104-114)
Critical Strike Chance: 6.5%
Attacks per Second: (1.38-1.5)
Weapon Range: 11
Requires Level 41, 59 Str, 136 Int
30% increased Elemental Damage
+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
60% increased Intelligence Requirement
(80–100)% increased Physical Damage
(10–20)% increased Attack Speed
3% increased Experience gain
20% increased Elemental Damage
Knowledge brings power, and with power you can
grab truth by the throat and shape it as you wish.
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