Toxic Rain of Sporeburst

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Toxic Rain of Sporeburst
Level: 1–40
Requires Level 12
Fire arrows into the air that rain down around the targeted area, dealing damage to enemies they hit and creating spore pods where they land. Each spore pod slows the movement speed of nearby enemies. The pods last for a duration before bursting, dealing area damage.
Base duration is 1 seconds
(8–309) to (12–464) Added Chaos Damage
Fires 5 Arrows
60% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
40% chance to Poison on Hit
Each Spore Pod applies 5% less Movement Speed to nearby Enemies, to a maximum of 30%
base is projectile [1]
cannot pierce [1]
is area damage [1]
skill can fire arrows [1]
visual hit effect chaos is green [1]

Additional Effects From Quality:
Fires +(0–2) Arrows
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