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Vivinsect is a great Path of Exile ring, which can be delivered instantly in all leagues. We keep Vivinsect poe item in stock.

Unset Ring
Quality: +20%
Requires Level 45
Has 1 Socket
+5 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
Socketed Gems have 20% reduced Reservation Efficiency
+(15–25) to all Attributes
Regenerate 15 Life per second for each Uncorrupted Item Equipped
-2 to Total Mana Cost of Skills for each Corrupted Item Equipped
veiled mod seed [1,30000]
veiled mod type [2]
(Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
"Fusing the parasite with another ring has manifested unpredictable effects.
I theorise the sacrificial vessel's level of anguish is a key variable."
- Arzaak, Syndicate Researcher
Delivery Time: within 1 Hour

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We usually keep stock of Vivinsect.