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Hubris Circlet
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Ylfeban's Trickery
Hubris Circlet
Quality: +20%
Energy Shield: (190-220)
Requires Level 69, 154 IntTrigger Level 10 Shock Ground when Hit
Adds 1 to (60-80) Lightning Damage to Spells and Attacks
(130-170)% increased Energy Shield
+(25-35)% to Lightning Resistance
20% chance to Curse non-Cursed Enemies with a random Curse on Hit
An angry god is one thing,
but you should really fear a god
with an unpredictable sense of humour.
Comes with random value of attributes.
Delivery time: within 6H

Ylfeban's Trickery Hubris Circlet is a great unique item in Path of Exile.
You can buy this with random properties and stats.

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