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Exquisite Leather
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Yriel's Fostering
Exquisite Leather
Quality: +20%
Evasion: (1760-1900)
Requires Level 62, 170 Dex3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)Grants Level 20 Summon Bestial Rhoa Skill
+(300-400) to Accuracy Rating
(130-150)% increased Evasion Rating
+(90-100) to maximum Life
Projectile Attack Skills have (40-60)% increased Critical Strike Chance
Projectiles from Attacks have 20% chance to Maim on Hit while
you have a Bestial Minion
(10-15)% increased Attack and Movement Speed while you have a Bestial Minion
Feed a beast and it will not hunt.
Protect it and it will not fight.
Ferocity must be learned, not taught.
It is suffering that forges the greatest warriors.
Comes with random value of attributes.
Delivery time: within 6H

Yriel's Fostering Exquisite Leather is a great unique item in Path of Exile.
You can buy this with random properties and stats.

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